We Can Still Connect: an Anthology of reflections on life during the time of COVID-19, for essay So Sudden
Two Degrees Anthology: A Climate Fiction Short Story Collection, 2020, for stories Star Chaser and Waves and Spells
The Daemon: Episcopal High School’s Literacy and Poetry Journal, for poems Lovely and Destructive Numbers
The Chronicle: Episcopal High School’s Newspaper, for article Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!
Alexandria Times, for letter to the editor, Environmental movement needs diversity

In the News/Media
2011-2013 Belize: painted faces and chess on stilts | Winners of the Ultimate Chess Player Vocabulary Challenge | Best Female Players: Nia- 1st place in her section | Chess Olympiad 2013 Results and Awards
2013 What I think is important about recycling and helping the earth!
2014 Do I really matter? A movie made by youth about our ability to make a difference
2016 Primary School students Sit PSE
2018 Recently three students from BCA, Nia Beane, Milla Usher, and Madelene Lopez, partook in the annual Elocution contest in San Ignacio, Cayo…
BCA is very proud of our 10th grader Nia Beane…
Youth on the Love FM morning show discussing the “Tek Time for Read” Project
Read Books, Not WhatsApp Messages
C-SPAN National Book Festival (04:14) The watermelon kid tho 😂
C-SPAN Senator John McCain Lies in State at U.S. Capitol (5:49:25)
2019 3rd Place – Nia Beane (Guanacaste National Park)
Nia Beane, a student at Belize Christian Academy, has been offered a full scholarship…
Blogs from Oxford Royale Academy
Ken Caputo Award – Alexandria 2019
JV Volleyball 9.11.19
2020 Let’s Live Healthy Belize
Vote Safe 2020 Livestream (1:17:05)
The Peace Brain Show
Three Students Published in “Cli-Fi” Anthology
Love FM Belize Storm Watch NANA (7:25:45)
Our View: Facets of systemic discrimination

2017 “I Testify O My God” Song | 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh
2019 Me and You (original) with Bridget McAree
2020 Seussical the Musical (Monkey Around)
2021 Surabaya-Santa, Songs for a New World (Article)
Dear Theodosia Chapel Performance (3/1)

Sites I’ve Built
Beane Simple
Youth for Racial Justice
Belize Baha’i Children’s Classes
Living Naturally | Suzi Mickler
Belize Blood Donation
The Daily Animal
Nia Beane Music